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In my dissertation, Factories of Modernity: Labor, Aesthetics, and the Racial Politics of Historical Capitalism, I reimagine the factory as a physical and conceptual form of capitalist production whose influence on labor, aesthetics, and regimes of racialization predates and outlasts the heyday of industrial manufacturing in nineteenth-century Britain. By reconstructing the emergence of the factory system in the British Empire from 1692 to 1807, as well as its recent reincarnation in the high-tech economy, the project offers a new account of capitalist modernity through the factory’s pre-industrial dawn and postindustrial afterlife.

My dissertation is supervised by Patchen Markell, Jennifer Pitts, Sankar Muthu, and Paul Cheney (History).

If you would like to read a longer proposal, please email me: lucaspinheiro [at] uchicago [dot] edu


Joseph Wright of Derby, Arkwright’s Cotton Mills by Night (Oil on Canvas, 1782)